My name is Lars Siemer and I am a Ph.D. student in applied mathematics at the University of Bremen and supervised by Prof. Dr. Jens Rademacher. I am currently a research assistent in the Applied Analysis and Nonlinear Dynamics group and an associated member of the Research Training Group π3.

My research interests are in dynamical systems, perturbation methods, existence and stability of nonlinear solutions, especially traveling waves, both analytical and numerical. Much of my work addresses problems in mathematical physics, especially in the direction of micromagnetics and spintronics. Recently I also worked in the field of optimization, in particular in the direction of optimal combination as well as control of renewable energy sources for future power supply systems.

At present, I am also working in collaboration with Ivan Ovsyannikov (University of Hamburg) studying the existence of inhomogeneous domain walls in nanowires with spin-torque.

I am also a member of the ForMath (german) project which is part of the ForstAintegriert (german) program to improve study and teaching at the University of Bremen. Within this project I am supervising as well as coordinating Research Experiences for Undergraduates.

Additionally, I am also a member of the Young Researchers Committee of the University of Bremen.

If you are interested in collaborations or my research, please contact me.

Lars Siemer

Research Assistant

Applied Analysis

Department 03: Mathematics & Computer Science (FB 03), MZH 4090

Tel.: +49-421-218-63744