Fritz Grimpen


I'm mainly interested in algebraic topology (esp. homology theory), homological algebra (and related categorical aspects), convex geometry (esp. Brunn--Minkowski theory and recent advances) and functional analysis (esp. regarding the theory of time-frequency analysis and general frame theory).

Writings and papers

  1. Bachelor thesis: The Brunn-Minkowski and log-Brunn-Minkowski inequalities (2019)
  2. Seminar: Geometric inequalities: Rogers-Shephard type inequalities (2018)
  3. Undergraduate seminar: Algebra: Tensor products of modules (in German) (pdf) (2018)
  4. Undergraduate seminar: Field and Galois theory: The alternating group and solvable groups (in German) (pdf) (2016)


Usually I read my emails. Thus, you may send me an email to grimpen at math.uni-bremen dot de